Premium Refills

Worry-free & Guaranteed


Up to 10,000 meters of writing length.

Up to 5,000 meters of writing length.

With tungsten carbide ballpoint tip.

80% of our writing instruments come standard with our premium refills so the next time that you buy a pen, check the inside before you put your name on the outside.

Look for these icons throughout our catalog for writing instruments offered with these premium refills. With Spector & Co.'s water resistant, quick drying, Swiss-made ISO-certified NeatScriptTM refills and our new SureWriteTM German-ink refills, we guarantee excellent writing performance.

Our premium NeatScriptTM and SureWriteTM refills deliver...

  • Enhanced writing performance - smooth, continous line without fluctuation
  • Extended shelf life - smooth, continous line without fluctuation
  • High reproducibility - legible when faxed or photocopied

Your image means everything, so don't risk writing it off with knock-offs!